Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What it do

Have you ever been robbed?

I don't mean someone stole your bike or took your lunch money, I mean someone coming inside your home and meandering about. The same place you make a sandwich and/or lay your head at night.

Sadly enough, I've joined that club. As awful and violated as I feel...I'm lucky.

Why? You ask. Well, these were the worst thieves ever.

I've spent some time contemplating this, but what kind of burglar passes on an Ipod, a TV, three books of checks, car keys and heads straight for the CHANGE BOWL!? Not only did this person/s make off with lump sum of $15.74 but managed to scrounge an extra $2.54 under my couch seat cushions.

If that wasn't enough they made off with the two white plastic bags I got at 7-11 for my lunch, to transport this haul of booty.

Of course, if it was for the criminal/s I wouldn't have had the pleasure of meeting Patty "the Forensic Expert" of Chicago's finest. She made a valiant effort, but why did it take her an hour to dust for fingerprints on a glass mug? Oh, I know why, its because she was too busy making snide comments about the news. Honestly, I was sad to see her go, but she did say she had to get back to work. CSI your not, but thanks for playing.



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