Monday, October 24, 2005

Bobby Jenks stole my lunch money

The Olsen Twins of White cute...their message board even more adorable

Bring back Jake Plummer's moustache petition

Trend Alert: Young Jeezy snowman blown out by NY Times

Got that woodgrain homey...

Spiders on drugs

If you don't know now you know....3rd Annual Get J-Runk in costume party.

This Saturday Ocotober 29th at 1278 N. Milwaukee #3W from 10 pm till last keg standing.


Willis Wonka (yours truly)
plus special guests

This will be hot shit for real. Every year the ante is upped we decided after much deliberation to move to a bigger location that being the crack den Milwaukee loft.

ONE RULE: If you don't have a costume...don't bother showing up for real because you will not be let in. Don't embarass yourself!!!

Not sure why I didn't have this earlier...Kyle Orton loves whiiiiiskey


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