Monday, July 11, 2005

Why am I not surprised

Pied piper of hipster fashion up shits
creek with a turd for a paddle

I met one of the managers of the Wicker Park American Apparel one time and asked whats really going on with the place. I guess I was curious because they have been sprouting up in hip neighborhoods everywhere like Starbucks coffee shops. He explained that their expansion has gotten out of control and that the company, despite how "cool" they were was heading straight for the shitter. He seemed to know what was really going. The owner, Dov Charney was already dealing with mounting sexual harrassment issues. So it really was no surprise to see this today.

Interesting article about the infamous Steve Bartman

Free slurpees!!!!!!!!!!!! Today only helllll yes........

Scumfest was downright...well , errr...scummy. Never have I DJ'd that drunk but people were loving it. Two words: Scum Fest


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