Thursday, July 28, 2005

Who you calling a sissy?

Much love and thanks to all those that came out last night to D'Vine to support. There were a few snags and kinks that had to be worked out, but all in all dope. The live art was especially fresh on canvases pulled out of a dumpster no less! Now that's hip hop...

Perhaps the strangest thing all night was the Turntable Bandit for which I have nicknamed. All night this guy was hovering over the DJ booth and even came in with a crate of records!? At first, I thought he was the DJ that got fired and nobody gave him the memo. Dude was just trainspotting the records being played and kept getting closer and closer even jumping in the booth. After a while he cooled out and sat with his pissed off "why do I date this guy" girlfriend.

All is going well trading off sets every so often...Rob, Mass Transit, some girl I don't know. Next thing I know TB has headphones wrapped around his neck ready to plug in. Rob gets out of the booth and dude jumps in, inserts headphone plug and starts to flip the turntables around old school style. Before anybody realized what the fuck was going on, he was dropping some house record. The girl who was getting on had enough sass to tell him it was her turn and promptly booted him off the decks.

Fast forward an hour later TB is still doing the same shit ready to pounce like my mom's cat to an unsuspecting bird. Finally I had to confront the guy and tell him what was up. He kept saying "open tables" and how he dropped off his demo earlier. Sorry dude there not open.

Call me crazy but this just blows my mind. Why would someone roll into a club and try and hijack the tables when nobody wants you there in the first place?

*much apologies for a stupid and meaningless story but I just had some shit on my mind


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