Friday, July 15, 2005

Perhaps the Greastest Record Review Ever!!!

I'm still buckled over from laughter.......

Taken from Turntablelab for the Nice and Smooth "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow" 12 inch

This shit sounds like the 90210 Hawaii beach getaway vacation special theme song. It's that fucking Tracy Chapman sample. Along with Brand Nubian over Edie Brickell, it reminds me of when VH1 was actually for old white women or maybe when old white women actually listened to Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel, not Green Day and Eminem. Fucking postmodern music homogenization leaves no room for the recontextualizers. Nothing's shocking, word to the Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra “hermaphrodites in reverse” E! Entertainment daily subtext. Leaving all that aside, this is the most heartwarming song ever written that includes the incredible pregnant pause of: “maybe I should lick her with my 9 millime...ter.” Damn, all of a sudden I just want to sit on the couch with caramel popcorn and have a wet dog lick my feet. Thanks Nice and Smooth. –Bob Bannister

Fuck I'm tired.......................

Really weird yet intriguing website about peoples secrets sent anonymously via postcard...


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