Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Lake and Skyline Give Me a Warm Embrace

Pics of the rooftop....
as soon as I fix the bug thats not letting me upload pictures...any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Much love to The Stencil for linking me on their page. Listened to a sample of Caps and Jones' mix "Moving in Stereo" and it's got everything you need...tight mixing, genres across the board, and enough time span between tracks to keep a 11 year old with ADD ears open.

So "The Andy Milonakis Show" has been playing on a constant loop as of late on MTV. I couldn't help but become transfixed by a crazy 12 year old and his twisted/weird sense of humor. Well that is until a friend brought up the possibility that he isn't 12 but in fact a grown ass man. Turns out he's got that Gary Coleman/Webster disease and is in fact 29!!! We have all been duped...


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