Monday, June 20, 2005

Puerto Rico....HO!!!

Whats good peoples???

This was a fun filled long weekend as usual. You know its summer time when the Chicago Festivals are in full swing.


Set off the weekend proper with the Randoph Fest after party at Landmark

ye old stomping ground of advanced automobile placement. Is it me or is the Westloop overrun with meatheads from Naperville?

WTF happened to all B list celebrities like David Schwimmer and gold diggers???


After witnessing T Rux work over online poker we treated ourselves to a proper breakfast at Hollywood grill. My man is up like $2 K in that shit right now. Ain't technology grand!!!!

Watched Cubs get worked over by the Yanks and headed out to the Puerto Rican pride festival in Humboldt. All I can say is if you never been there CHECK IT OUT!!

Seriously felt like I was in San Juan. Red white and blue ererywere!!! Boliquas as far as the eye can see. Met up with Ramsey's boys Arkellyo (I'm not joking his name is R Kelly O yo!!!) and his boy Joe...combined weight easily 600 elbows.

Words of Wisdom a la Joe....he's like a Jedi Master dispelling little wisdom nuggets.

"If you can't lift a girl, don't date her."

"I was hooking up with some ugly ass girls before I got glasses. Don't pick up girls in the club unless your wearing your glasses or contacts."

"Yo we gotta go back to the festival at like around 8 after all the baby moma's drop off their kids. Shit you can go home with somone without even trying."

Good times.............dope afterparty Saturday night in Humboldt...the cops didn't show up once and shit was bumping outside!!!!!


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