Thursday, June 30, 2005

2 Legit 2 Quit

Has it come to this? RIP Big Pun

Big Pun's wifey has to pay the bills somehow......

Show last night was real dope. New Sidewalk Skolaz tracks were hittin hard. IL crushing it. First time seeing Chali Tuna lover Ang 13 who was real dope. Never forget her calling out myself and Angel for not being getting loud enough. Perhaps the highlight of the evening was the drunk guy in front flicking off/heckling Ang and otherwise being an idiot.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Baby Bean Buggy

Now taking applications for the next DJ Shadow

Tonight IL and Summerdance

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

IL Show this Wednesday

Ridding on 4 4's

Like gang signs I throw down yours.

Monday, June 27, 2005


The Takin It To the Streets show with J5 and Brother Ali was bonkers!!!!

I have to say that Jurassic 5 sans Cut Chemist absolutely ripped it. The crowd of mostly local hip hoppers and devout Muslims (after all it was there event) were feeling it and giving them the love they rightfully deserved.

Getting there a little early before the set, I was walking over to the Redbull truck to get my Redballs on and happened upon Chali Tuna just standing there shooting the breeze with a friend. I didn't realize I walked by until he was right next to me. I swear he had his hand out before I even said anything, I mean we have kicked it before but I swear he acted like he knew me. Needless to say he is one of the coolest, most down to earth dudes around. Always has love for his fans especially those in the Chi.

J5 absolutely owned the stage and looked real happy to be there. Ran through there certified classic cuts as "Quality Control" "Improvise" "Freedom" and of course "I Am Somebody" The real treat was preview of some new tracks from their upcoming LP. Kind of some disco funk break/G Funk type sound clocking in on house tempo...I was feelin it. Capped off with the Ramsey Judson request "A Day at the Races".

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the set was Numark playing the podium (yea thats right). He taped up some sort of crude drum pads to a wooden upright podium and proceeded to bang out the Neptunes produced Clipse beat "Grindin" shit. His next bag of tricks was playing a childrens toy where he had classical loops layered with a trumpet noise he blended in. A true jedi master. Why doesn't he do his own shows?

Next to the stage was the white Albino Muslim from Minneapolis (sounds like an oxymoron huh?). I've heard the hype about this guy as he's developed a serious following as of lately with the backpacker type hip hoppers. I must say that I have jumped on this man's bandwagon. Though he looks kinda funny (a shaved bunny rabitt to be exact) don't judge a book by its cover as the old cliche goes. Not only does Ali have temendous stage presence but he can tell a story down to its vivid detail. If you get a chance to see him it, you will not be disappointed. I saw more people mouthing his lines than I did J5.

Check out more pics of the show here

Friday, June 24, 2005

Did someone leave the oven on?

--D'Vine was a good time and if I do say so myself I killed that shit!

--Seriously that Championship last night was the score of a high school game. The Pistons choked...

--Check out this article on Doc Ellison the pitcher who threw a no hitter on acid.

--Jurassic 5, Brother Ali, AND All Natural 4 Free!!!!!! Here's the flyer South Side baby

--Congratulations, you won a 100 grand

--NPR and PBS saved!!!! Can you believe they were trying to cut Sesame Street!? This country is so fucked...

In an unexpected move yesterday afternoon, the House of Representatives approved a measure to restore $100 million of funding for NPR, PBS and local public stations.1 Republican leaders were proposing to slash $200 million from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, but you helped stop them.

Everyone said it was impossible to reverse any of the House cuts with Republicans in control. Yesterday's Washington Post described the divide between Democrats and Republicans like this:
"[O]n Capitol Hill, it's hard to find a Republican with anything nice to say about National Public Radio or the Public Broadcasting Service. Instead, they denounce them as liberal and elitist, when they bother to talk about them at all."2

Public broadcasting shouldn't divide Republicans and Democrats. More Americans trust NPR and PBS for balanced news and children's programming than any commercial network.3 Yet many Republicans have been intent on either gagging or starving public broadcasting.

So why did 87 Republicans break with the majority of their party and vote to restore the funding? In large part, because over 1 million of you signed the petition calling on Congress to reverse course. And over 40,000 of you made phone calls to your elected representatives. There was a surge of public outrage that couldn't be ignored. This victory was possible because we were joined by Free Press, Common Cause and strong allies in the House—Representatives Markey, Obey, Lowey, Dingell, Hinchey, Watson, Schakowsky, Blumenauer, Eshoo, Slaughter, and Leach, a brave Republican.

Despite this incredible progress, the House Republicans did manage to cut over $100 million, including funding for children's programming like "Sesame Street." We'll take our fight to the Senate when it considers the budget later this summer. But yesterday's vote makes it much more likely we can restore every last cent for NPR and PBS by acting together.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sweating like a whore in church

--If you haven't checked out Summer Dance at the park on Wednesday nights....DO IT!!! I had a blast...nothing like 5,000 of your closest friends partying to Jeff Mills soundtrack.

--Jesus H. Peter Paul Christ its hot out...I about melted at lunch today.

--And they said Mark Prior had a million dollar arm that doesn't even touch this guys $5 million arms. Now thats what I call a pricey knuckle shuffle. Come to think of it this guy can give himself the stranger without having to sit on his hand.

--Reading this made me think back to my first pair of sneakers that I had. As young kid I really thought I had a pair of the first Air Jordans little did I realize when I got to school that the real sneaker heads pointed out they were just some cheap Payless knockoffs....thanks mom!

--Check out what the ballers first kicks were...there seems to be a common theme here. Hmmm...everybody wants to be like Mike.

--Short set by yours truly at D'Vine tonight for the Hip Hop Congress

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wanna go for a boat ride?



Its gotta be the shoes

--Derrick Lee is absoultely KILLING it right now!!!! and Aramis just rolled up his sleeves.

--Looks like Larry Brown wants another ring before his jaunt to the Mayo Clinic. The best part about the game was Rasheed Wallace after the game and I quote, "We wasn't gonna let them pop Cristal tonight!"

Now thats gangster....

--Scoop Jackson is perhaps one of my favorite writers on But check out his article about sneakers.

--We need you to crown the ultimate sneaker

--House music in the park tonight 4 free!!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Gonna work it out...

Still trying to figure this thing out but so far so good let me know what you up soon.........

Anywhooo has Billy Corgan lost his fucking mind?! This guy starts a new band like every Sunday and now this. What a kook....I'm sure crackhead Darcy could use the $$$$.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Puerto Rico....HO!!!

Whats good peoples???

This was a fun filled long weekend as usual. You know its summer time when the Chicago Festivals are in full swing.


Set off the weekend proper with the Randoph Fest after party at Landmark

ye old stomping ground of advanced automobile placement. Is it me or is the Westloop overrun with meatheads from Naperville?

WTF happened to all B list celebrities like David Schwimmer and gold diggers???


After witnessing T Rux work over online poker we treated ourselves to a proper breakfast at Hollywood grill. My man is up like $2 K in that shit right now. Ain't technology grand!!!!

Watched Cubs get worked over by the Yanks and headed out to the Puerto Rican pride festival in Humboldt. All I can say is if you never been there CHECK IT OUT!!

Seriously felt like I was in San Juan. Red white and blue ererywere!!! Boliquas as far as the eye can see. Met up with Ramsey's boys Arkellyo (I'm not joking his name is R Kelly O yo!!!) and his boy Joe...combined weight easily 600 elbows.

Words of Wisdom a la Joe....he's like a Jedi Master dispelling little wisdom nuggets.

"If you can't lift a girl, don't date her."

"I was hooking up with some ugly ass girls before I got glasses. Don't pick up girls in the club unless your wearing your glasses or contacts."

"Yo we gotta go back to the festival at like around 8 after all the baby moma's drop off their kids. Shit you can go home with somone without even trying."

Good times.............dope afterparty Saturday night in Humboldt...the cops didn't show up once and shit was bumping outside!!!!!