Saturday, November 12, 2005

I got the internet goin' nuts`

Not sure how long this will be up there but check it photo publishing debut!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What it do

Have you ever been robbed?

I don't mean someone stole your bike or took your lunch money, I mean someone coming inside your home and meandering about. The same place you make a sandwich and/or lay your head at night.

Sadly enough, I've joined that club. As awful and violated as I feel...I'm lucky.

Why? You ask. Well, these were the worst thieves ever.

I've spent some time contemplating this, but what kind of burglar passes on an Ipod, a TV, three books of checks, car keys and heads straight for the CHANGE BOWL!? Not only did this person/s make off with lump sum of $15.74 but managed to scrounge an extra $2.54 under my couch seat cushions.

If that wasn't enough they made off with the two white plastic bags I got at 7-11 for my lunch, to transport this haul of booty.

Of course, if it was for the criminal/s I wouldn't have had the pleasure of meeting Patty "the Forensic Expert" of Chicago's finest. She made a valiant effort, but why did it take her an hour to dust for fingerprints on a glass mug? Oh, I know why, its because she was too busy making snide comments about the news. Honestly, I was sad to see her go, but she did say she had to get back to work. CSI your not, but thanks for playing.


Monday, October 24, 2005

Bobby Jenks stole my lunch money

The Olsen Twins of White cute...their message board even more adorable

Bring back Jake Plummer's moustache petition

Trend Alert: Young Jeezy snowman blown out by NY Times

Got that woodgrain homey...

Spiders on drugs

If you don't know now you know....3rd Annual Get J-Runk in costume party.

This Saturday Ocotober 29th at 1278 N. Milwaukee #3W from 10 pm till last keg standing.


Willis Wonka (yours truly)
plus special guests

This will be hot shit for real. Every year the ante is upped we decided after much deliberation to move to a bigger location that being the crack den Milwaukee loft.

ONE RULE: If you don't have a costume...don't bother showing up for real because you will not be let in. Don't embarass yourself!!!

Not sure why I didn't have this earlier...Kyle Orton loves whiiiiiskey

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Truth

Just ask my boy Bubb Rubb and Lil' Sis

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Is this the end?

Today marks the final day of employment, next week I embark on a new journey. Feels good to leave a sinking ship, but is this the end of daily blog madness? Only time will tell. I really do have to do work with the new gig though so posts may be fewer and further.

Check out comments section from the last post...things are heating up.

This site made my day.

Interesting collection of hip hop game speculation, myths and rumors. Taken from Schizophrenic Tenant.

Really dope oral history of The Warriors told by the major players in the movie.

You got to be kidding me!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Laundry Series--Blanco Sox in 5

Interesting story about rubbernecking, pettiness and charity.

Really cool billboard.

Taken from Gawker...the must have for fall fashion.

Great thread on Soulstrut about Eddy Curry former Bulls's my take:

Eddie Curry had so much potential to be a dominant big man in the NBA.

I believe that if we had him in our playoff run last year the Wizards would have gone on vacation early. I truly wish him well but this whole situation is pretty fucked up.

I honestly believe that Eddy is willing to die to play ball. If the DNA test determined he has heart disease and he is at huge risk to die from playing, his life would be over. What would he do? What can he do but play ball?

Another thing to consider, and perhaps this is just speculation, is that Eddy is flat broke. People in Chicago like to talk especially about out athletes. Word on the street is that Eddy had spent all his money.

A friend of mine lived in the same complex and was witness to his fleet of 6 cars dispersed throughout the gated community (especially his Maybach which was too big to fit in his garage). In his rookie season he bought a Hummer tricked out with huge rims. When he was pulled over by the police b/c it was not street legal, he decided to leave his truck in the practice facility parking lot---all season.

I have even heard from people that he was borrowing money from his teammates. Promising to pay them back when he was going to get his huge contract this off season, of course before knowing about his heart condition. Paxson even said he would give Eddy the maximum deal if the DNA test showed promising results.

This truly is a sad story namely because a tremendous athlete has potential to die on the court. I wish him the best.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Da Cabinet

Help wanted, brah!

3 Free Downloads...just sign your life, I mean name on the dotted line.